Weekly newsletter 07 Dec – Seniors

Dear Parents

A heartfelt thank you to each and every person; learner, parent, teacher, admin staff, support staff and management at Riverside College for another year that has now come to an end. Thank you for the support and the hard work that went into ensuring that our learners received all that they needed this year, and for the many lessons that were passed on. It is so difficult to put into a few words all that happened this year, but suffice to say that it was an interesting and exciting year! Some families lost loved ones and friends, while others welcomed new life into their hearts and homes, and for so many others it was a year of tremendous personal growth, healing, success and fulfilment in so many different facets. As a school it was a year that has ended on a high note with a record number of awards won at our prize giving ceremonies, academic results that our learners can be proud of, and a school building that stands ready to welcome the many learners that will fill its walkways and classrooms come the New Year. We are super excited about opening the new academic year in our new building where I have no doubt our learners are going to grow from strength to strength.

We wish you all a peaceful and love filled festive season and holidays! Be safe and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Dave Swart

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Weekly newsletter 30 Nov – Juniors

Dear Parents,

This was the final week of exams for the Primary School, which means we are one step closer to finishing the year. It hasn’t always been easy,but hopefully all the learners will look back on these last two weeks of exams and assessments, knowing that they worked hard and did their very best. We hope that they did not only make their parents and teachers proud, but that they also made themselves proud.

Newsletter #41 30 Nov18 JNRS

Weekly newsletter 30 Nov – Seniors

Dear Parents,

With so much excitement in the air about the end of the Final matric exams, the final school exams and the big move to the new building, it is becoming more and more difficult to contain ourselves and focus on the small things ☺. There is however still so much going on, and so much that needs to be done, while at the same time everyone is getting ready to go into holiday mode! We sincerely hope that you have all had a successful year and that you too are looking forward to putting your feet up and just relaxing and celebrating with your family and friends.

Newsletter #41 30 Nov 18 SNRS NT

Weekly newsletter 23 Nov – Seniors

Dear Parents

When the radio starts playing music by Boney M we all realise that it is that time of the year again. The time when we get to look back and wonder what happened to 2018.

A moment can be defined as a fraction of our life. However, a moment can have a monumental impact on it. Some of us experienced moments of sadness when a loved one passed away, when a relationship came to an end or when someone close to us went through a difficult time.

There are also moments of joy and happiness when we start a new job, meet new friends, start new projects, welcome new members to our family or when we receive good marks in an exam.

But there are also moments of opportunity. Opportunities to build new relationships, opportunities to mend broken ones, opportunities to start afresh. Opportunities to be the best person you can be. These are the moments when you can give rather than receive.

Whitney Houston sings about “one moment in time”

I want one moment in time

When I’m more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away

And the answers are all up to me.

Give me one moment in time

When I’m racing with destiny

Then in that moment of time

I will feel eternity

Be present in each moment and have the courage to be true to yourself!


Logan Ortell

Newsletter #40 23 Nov 18 SNR

Weekly newsletter 16 Nov – Juniors

Dear Parents,

With the last stretch of 2018 nearing we encourage all the learners to give their best. The next 2 weeks the learners face assessments and exams which are tiring and demanding, but only true effort can excel. I once read a quote that stated “Don’t count the days, make the days count” which resonates with me continuously. It taught me that if I put in the effort for the period needed, it will only allow me to bloom as an individual and allow me to achieve to the best of my abilities. We encourage all the learners to work hard and to stay focused throughout the formal assessments and examinations; you will see the benefits of reaping what you sow if you put in the effort. Good luck to all our learners!

Newsletter #39 16 Nov2018 JNRS

Weekly newsletter 16 Nov – Seniors

Dear Parents

Message from our Principal: Mr. D Swart

The high school teachers and learners took a few moments on Thursday to show their respect for a very dear staff member who passed away suddenly on the 13th. Nicholas will be fondly remembered for his shy smile, his gentle spirit and the great care and attention with which he performed his duties. His humbleness and unwavering respect for others will be spoken about and remembered for a very long time to come.

Newsletter #39 16 Nov 18 SNRS NT

Weekly newsletter 09 Nov – Juniors

Dear Parents,

This week in assembly we listened to a very good story that taught us an important lesson about telling the truth. It is closely related to ‘the boy who cried wolf.’ We learned that we should never tell lies or make up stories to prevent getting into trouble. Rather tell the truth if you are guilty of something, because lying might get you into bigger trouble in the end. Remember, honesty is the best policy.

Newsletter #38 9 Nov 18 JNRS

Weekly newsletter 09 Nov – Seniors

Dear Parents,

We would like to congratulate Ronan Janeiro (Grade 8) who participated in a swimming Gala at Freda Barnard in Oudtshoorn from 2 – 4 Nov 2018. He received two silver medals for IM and Free-style.

Personal development is much like a rubber band. It can stretch us, it can propel us to distances we could not imagine, or it can snap back and bite us, leaving us limp and tongue tied.

Have you ever tried to take on a new habit? Have you ever said to yourself,”I’m going to go on a new fitness regime, and I’m going to buy this Ab machine and workout every day for 3 months until I have 6 pack abs”. After a week or two you no longer use it, and you must put up with its hurtful evil glares as you pass by it in the living room, until one day in a KFC induced frenzy of guilt and procrastination you are forced to do the only sane thing left to do… to put it away in the closet or the garage.

Have you ever tried to stretch yourself and do something a bit crazy? Have you ever tried to learn a new language, or simply create an Impossible List?

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Newsletter #38 09 Nov 18 SNRS NT